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City of Madness

Horror/Flash Fiction

Experience horror in a whole new way. Jason Gehlert’s original vision has brought forth a series of flash fiction pieces that will scar the brains of his readership. New and recurring characters return. Jeremiah Black makes several appearances, a disturbing Halloween tale involving pumpkins, a nighttime revenge ritual, a failed comedian seeking redemption at any cost, and finally a series of personalized poems dealing with Gehlert’s battle with T.I.A. strokes. His return to horror is a fast-paced, hold your breath, no holds barred rampage through his literary world, his own City of Madness.


“Gehlert delivers another fantasic read!’ Terry Horns, author of Chophouse and Rag Man.

“I had one hell of a good time with this one. Highly recommended. Terry M. West, Author of Transfer



Jason Gehlert

 As horrormeister Jason Gehlert’s library continues to evolve and expand towards new genres, his emergence as a literary voice continues to build momentum. On the heels of his highly successful jungle zombie novel, Contagion, and his short story collection Demon Revolver, comes a personalized collection of paranormal mayhem and carnage in Ghost Prints. The supernatural cop thriller The Ferrymen followed.  Jeremiah Black was next and helped raise Gehlert to critical acclaim across several genres. He is also the author of the acclaimed science fiction series Europa that continues to enthrall readers, blending sci-fi and horror into what Countgore.com calls a “killer series.” His early werewolf series Quiver is currently being revised for release through Terror Tract publishers. He also authored the more recent collections Cinema and Filter (the latter featuring a short comic book story featuring Mr. Gehlert), and edited the anthology Read Us or Die for Black Bed Sheet Books. He is currently prepping the worldwide release of his latest novel, Sacrificial Sons, a prequel to Jeremiah Black, through Black Bed Sheet Books. He also is working on a new short story collection..

Armed with a Communication/Media Degree from SUNY-New Paltz, Gehlert continues to tour the country, from the Playboy Mansion, to various horror conventions, offering advice about writing, marketing, and the promotional side of being an author, Jason is conquering the world with his fiction even as you read this. 

Bloody Trails

Read Us or Die

A fierce collection of the best of Black Bed Sheet authors, assembled and curated by Gehlert. 

Demon Revolver

Gehlert’s short story collection features the cult favorite, Woodsman and Demon Revolver, a horror western. 


It’s up to doctors Nathan and Madison to locate a missing colleague, Quentin Forsythe  in a remote African colony. What they find  is a horror beyond imagination.


Cinema offers rich horror in story and poetry form. One of the acclaimed stories, Echoes, features a Down syndrome character. Jeremiah Black also returns in another short story, continuing his rampage through Gehlert’s literary universe.


Gehlert delivers another fantastic read! His imagination grabs you in a headlock that won’t let go until the startlingly impressive end.

Terry Horns, author of Chophouse and The Ragman


Sacrificial Sons is a sinister, fast-paced and mesmerizing story that grips the reader and won’t let go.

– Tom Sawyer, Author of Dark Harbors, and Shadows of the Dark


Gehlert has woven a dark and visceral tale. Unpredictable  and addicting, it’s a truly fitting prequel to Jeremiah Black.

– Michael R. Collins, author of In The Shadows Of The Wicked, and Some Scary Stories

Jeremiah Black

A tour de force of horror. Jeremiah, now the Devil’s hitman must elude a stubborn London Inspector Jackson Granger as they travel through time in a bloody cat and mouse. 

 Sacrifcial Sons


1850’s Ocracoke N.C.- the Devil uses a local town to gain access to their infant sons, including an unborn Jeremiah Black. The plan is clear, he wants to build a new regime of evil.  Lives will be lost, sacrifices will be made, and an unborn child’s fate hangs in the balance. 

Red Triangle

A heart-pounding adventure that puts San Francisco under the seige of three prehistoric sharks. A Sheriff, a marine biologist, and a cocky shark expert join forces to save the city. 


A companion collection  of stories  to Sacrificial Sons. There are personal poems and a short story called Know Your Enemy, where Gehlert’s opens up about his battle with memory loss.  Rift also features an unpublished poem from his late mother, Carol Gehlert.


A macabre collection of horror and suspense. Featuring a comic strip and visceral art, Filter earns it place in your library. Dream catchers are meant to ward off evil, but what happens when they let it in?

Ghost Prints

Ghost Prints offers the debut of the Ferryman, a Woodsman tale, and other stories featuring Tammy Gehlert and writer Robert Milby. A defintive thrill ride of horror and frightening characters.

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